Life sciences

Are you looking for flexible photonic system concepts that can address strongly heterogeneous markets based on a uniform technology?

soi-soi_pwbVanguard’s multi-chip integration platform combines the technological flexibility of discrete systems with the compactness and economic advantages of large-scale photonic integration

Two silicon on insulator (SOI) chips connected via free-form photonic wire bonds (PWB) to form a multi-chip-module [see References 1]. (Picture: N. Lindenmann, KIT)

Data center & communications

High-speed communication systems cannot afford compromises – neither in performance, nor in price. Vanguard’s proprietary photonic wirebonding technology allows to merge the specific strengths of different photonic integration platforms in a hybrid multi-chip system. Connecting InP lasers to silicon photonic chips, to low index-contrast planar lightwave circuits (PLC), or to optical fibers is one of our favourite challenges.

You soi-inp_pwb2think this can be useful in realizing the next generation of photonic engines for 400G Ethernet, data-center interconnects, or optical access networks? We are happy to help you find out!


Connection between a silicon photonic chip and an InP-based horizontal-cavity surface-emitting laser (HCSEL) [see References 3] (Picture: M. R. Billah, KIT)