Bright connections for smart photonic systems

Are you facing challenges in packaging photonic integrated circuits (PIC), in assembling photonic multi-chip systems, or in simply fabricating micro-optical elements with complex shapes?

We might have a solution!

Vanguard’s proprietary photonic wire bonding technology exploits two-photon laser lithography for in-situ fabrication of freeform waveguides that connect photonic chips on a package level. Also, we can print high-precision micro-lenses and freeform elements basically everywhere – on chip surfaces, laser facets, and optical fibers.

Our 3D nano-fabrication technology and processes are geared to address key challenges of large-scale photonic integration and system assembly, serving applications in information and communication technology, in life sciences, as well as in industrial measurement and sensing.

Interested? We are keen to learn more about your application and to engage in solving the associated challenges.